Three ways to vote

In Georgia, you can choose one of three different ways to vote:

  1. By mail (absentee ballot)
  2. Early in person
  3. In person on Election Day


Make a plan to vote

Many people find it convenient to vote by mail or to vote early in person. Both options allow you to avoid the long lines sometimes associated with voting in person on Election Day. Early in-person voting also typically includes at least one Saturday. Know all your available options in advance of Election Day and decide which is best for you.

If you’re voting early in person, or voting in person on Election Day, decide how you’re going to get to your voting location.

Plan how you’re going to vote—and then stick to your plan!


To vote by mail (absentee ballot)

All registered Georgia voters are eligible to vote by mail—no reason is necessary. This is also called voting by absentee ballot.

Visit the Georgia Secretary of State’s website and download the application form to request a mail-in (absentee) ballot. Complete the application form and mail, fax or email it to your county by the designated date.

Your county will mail you an absentee ballot. Complete your absentee ballot and return it to your county by mail only, no later than the designated date, which is typically the same date as Election Day.


To vote early in person or in person on Election Day

Your early voting location and Election Day voting location may be different. Always check your voting locations at MyVoter page on the Georgia Secretary of State’s website.

When you vote, remember to bring one form of photo identification. Acceptable forms of identification include a:

  • Georgia driver’s license, even if it’s expired
  • State-issued voter identification card
  • Valid U.S. passport
  • Valid U.S. military photo ID

And remember, know where your candidate stands on climate change—and vote climate!


Our leaders in Congress are in the best position to slow climate change. Know where your candidate stands on climate change—and vote climate!