Stories from the 6th

From health problems to coastal flooding to failing crops and more, climate change is affecting Georgians today. We’re on a journey to tell the stories of 6th Congressional district residents dealing with the effects of climate change.

If you’re a 6th district resident and climate change is impacting your health, property, business or some other aspect of your life, give us a shout on Facebook. You might find your story featured here!


Hilton Head Island after Hurricane Matthew

Is Hurricane Matthew the Future of Climate Change in the Southeast?

When Harold and Jenny Itkin drove into New Orleans two years after Hurricane Katrina, they were shocked at what they saw. The Lower Ninth Ward looked like the hurricane hit yesterday. Little did the Marietta, Georgia residents know… More


Our leaders in Congress are in the best position to slow climate change. Know where your candidate stands on climate change—and vote climate!